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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Virtual bookstore from — India’s largest online retailer of books has announced a fresh initiative that furthers the company’s vision of making education books accessible in the country. The company’s latest product offering — — has been envisioned as a one-stop-solution for all academic and competition books. is India’s largest online bookstore for students and houses over one crore titles. The website’s user-friendly interface allows a single-click buy for all curriculum course books. The books range from university textbooks, job vacancies and test preparations like UPSC, banking & finance, engineering, law, MBA and medical. Apart from buying new books, students also have the option of buying and selling their old textbooks through an exclusive Facebook App. This makes it the first such app in India that allows students to network and trade in used books. 

The website facilitates a wide variety of innovative buying options for the students including group buying deal programme which is a simple way for students to come together, where they can create, customize deals and invite their peers and save an additional 5 per cent on their book purchases. 

One click buy for all course books is a syllabi-based site across all the courses for 15 plus universities, covering more than 2,000 colleges across India. 
The website has already mapped more than 20 leading universities in India and will offer curriculum books catering to the wider student community of over 2,000 colleges under these universities. This will help them with ease of search and allow them to buy their college books in one click. 

Exclusive App
BookAdda has also been selected by Microsoft to launch an exclusive Acadzone app which will be available on the upcoming Windows 8 platform. Available on computers and laptops, the app will enable students to buy books and even resell old ones. With these initiatives, Acadzone aims to make education more interactive by bringing students together. 

Hemant Kohli, CEO & Co-Founder,, says “Although there has been mushrooming of many online book retailers, there was still a big gap when it came to the availability of academic books,’’ he said adding was the first step towards bridging that gap and the website will offer the most comprehensive collection of books related to different curriculum. was conceptualised in 2010 by Arjun Kumar and Mahipal Reddy, and is led by Hemant Kohli. offers students a single-click buy for all curriculum course books, a one-stop destination for various competitive exam books and money-saving group buying facility.
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