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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Microsoft Word has an Assamese clone

A group of volunteers from different parts of Assam have made an innovation of sorts by designing an Assamese word processor similar to the Microsoft Word with a spell checker and word suggestions to boot.
“The programming of the processor is based on dotnet platform and C# language containing around 15,000 lines of code,” Utpal Phukon, the only programmer in the Jahnabi team, said.
Named Jahnabi, the word processor has came as a boon for those who need help in writing the language and can be easily used by those with a rudimentary knowledge of Assamese.
“The website has received more than 60,000 hits and the free-of-cost software downloaded by more than 1,000 people since it was launched online on November 25 last,” says Mridul Kumar Sharmah, one of the members of th ........more news @thehindubusinessline

Samsung unveiled the first 8-gigabit LPDDR4 memory specifically designed for mobile devices

Samsung's fastest LPDDR3 RAM

Samsung unveiled that they had developed the first 8-gigabit LPDDR4 memory specifically designed for mobile devices. In 2014, we may see 4GB of RAM in the future smartphones — possibly in the Galaxy S5. It will be another great leap forward in the development of the next-gen flagship models.

With this development, not only Samsung points to a greater power with a performance increase of 50% compared to the LPDDR3 memories, but also 40% a lower energy consumption. Short battery life is a common problem of high-end smartphones now-a-days and precisely, for the same reason Samsung has been working on it since the nex ........more news @inferse

EcoSport represents Ford’s entry into the booming small SUV market.

Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi Titanium

The EcoSport is Ford’s late entry into the booming compact SUV market. Sharing parts and platform with the Fiesta and B-Max, it’s coming to the UK in May 2014, all set to take on the Nissan Jukes and Vauxhall Mokkas of this world.
With raised suspension, high seating position and rugged go anywhere look, the EcoSport fits the modern SUV template but what’s also key is that it has the space and practicality of a normal small hatchback, plus associated low running costs. Pricing is keen too, ...... more news @businesscarmanager

Google, Audi developing in-car Android system

Google will be taking its Android operating system and putting it in a much bigger package. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google plans to partner with Audi to develop Android-based software for new cars.

The partnership is expected to be announced at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, held from Jan. 7-10, 2014. Both Google and Audi declined to comment about the report. However, Audi's head of product strategy, Filip Brabec, told the Wall Street Journal that new vehicles will more @abcnews