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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

25 Highest-Paying Tech Companies Of The World

There is uproar for IT jobs worldwide as the tech-world is keeping a fast pace growth, touching every possible field. Young qualified candidates are still after jobs in the technology field. One of the reasons behind they opt for these jobs may be the five or six figured salary the IT companies offer. Despite the work pressure, high-end competition people find it comfortable working in the tech-world.

As you may guess most of the popular tech companies among engineers and developers indeed pay their employees rather highly. And the list prepared by the ‘Business Insider’ with the help of ‘’ counts 25 highest-paying technology companies across the world.

Check out the highest-paying tech-companies in the world


Rank 25: Rackspace U. S.

Average salary: 40,07,850

Highest-paid job: Director ( 64,42,946)

Lowest-paid job: Account Manager ( 2749452)

Rackspace U. S., an American IT hosting company, already ranked among the ‘Top 100 IT Companies to Work For’ by Fortune Magazine, comes in the 25th position. Though, it is a fine company to work for, it pays considerably less.

Rank 24: Groupon

Average salary: 40,07,249

Highest-paid job: Member of Technical Staff ( 63,20,736)

Lowest-paid job: Account Manager ( 20,32,140)

Constituted by a group of salespeople, Groupon Inc., the Deal of the Day sales website, takes the 24th position on the list as it pays a little low when compared to others.


Rank 23: Intel

Average salary: 50,30,078

Highest-paid job: Research Scientist ( 62,47,902)

Lowest-paid job: Manufacturing Technitian ( 31,15,878)

Intel, the American multi-national semiconductor chip maker, has a high status in the tech-world. It promotes its scientists well but pays a little less and, thus, occupies 23rd position in the list.


Rank 22: Blackberry

Average salary: 50,75,212

Highest-paid job: Senior Product Manager ( 68,98,577)

Lowest-paid job: Hardware Designer ( 37,50,832)

The work environment in Blackberry is not that smooth as the company fails to pay employees enough in accordance with the industry standards.

Rank 21: Qualcomm

Average salary: 52,14,395

Highest-paid job: Staff Hardware Engineer ( 66,69,027)

Lowest-paid job: Systems Test Engineer ( 42,16,407)

Qualcomm keeps a better position in the list as it pays considerably well. But still less among the most of the highly paying companies in the list.


Rank 20: Critix Systems

Average salary: 54,34,031

Highest-paid job: Senior Software Development Engineer ( 60,40,421)

Lowest-paid job: Quality Assurance Engineer ( 40,27,388)

This is again a fantastic place to work in. And yes, it pays rather good.


Rank: 19 Microsoft

Average salary: 55,04,479

Highest-paid job: Researcher ( 68,16,366)

Lowest-paid job: Technical Account Manager ( 44,04,055)

Though a big name in the industry, Microsoft pays a little less.

Rank 18: Facebook

Average salary: 55,94,093

Highest-paid job: Product Manager ( 73,34,263)

Lowest-paid job: Operations Analyst ( 23,90,330)

The most popular social network, Facebook, pays a little less. But no worries for its employees, since the very name gives them happiness, it seems!.


Rank 17: LinkedIn

Average salary: 56,22,262

Highest-paid job: Principal Software Engineer ( 81,38,802)

Lowest-paid job: Sales development specialist ( 29,48,609)

Employees can sacrifice their demands a little. LinkedIn is one of the best places to work in.


Rank 16: Apple

Average salary: 57,12,575

Highest-paid job: Product Design Engineer ( 64,38,179)

Lowest-paid job: Mac Specialist ( 14,58,995)

At Apple, engineers are paid well. Why not? They have the best research going on in the industry.

Rank 15: Amazon

Average salary: 57,58,413

Highest-paid job: Software Development Manager ( 72,73,357)

Lowest-paid job: 34,27,074

It is about the value that you get from working at Employees can compromise a little on their payment.


Rank 14: Nvidia

Average salary: 57,59,378

Highest-paid job: Senior Hardware Engineer ( 67,27,661)

Lowest-paid job: Product Engineer ( 46,90,306)

Nvidia spends a lot on its employees. it is good to work there.


Rank 13:

Average salary: 57,88,201

Highest-paid job: Lead Member of Technical Staff ( 82,08,436)

Lowest-paid job: Sales Engineer ( 43,59,543) employs the cream of them all. Thus should be the payment too.

Rank 12: Google

Average salary: 58,29,894

Highest-paid job: Senior Software Engineer ( 77,19,178)

Lowest-paid job: Account strategist ( 33,47,570)

The search giant Google, not to mention, has to keep the standards. It pays well.


Rank 11: Oracle

Average salary: 58,44,432

Highest-paid job: Consulting Member of Technical Staff ( 82,97,747)

Lowest-paid job: Programmer Analyst (34,60,003)

Oracle shows enthusiasm to hold its employees with attractive wages.


Rank 10: IBM

Average salary: 58,93,140

Highest-paid job: Research Staff Member ( 84,31,993)

Lowest-paid job: Computer Programmer ( 36,87,309)

IBM indeed pays well. Why? A lot of research is happening there.

Rank 9: Mitre

Average salary: 59,23,399

Highest-paid job: Principal Information Systems Engineer (84,39,897)

Lowest-paid job: Software Systems Engineer (RS. 39,70,779)

Mitre, the information processor, has got to deal with intricate functions. Simple, it need to pay more for skilled ones.


Rank 8: SAP America

Average salary: RS. 59,84,408

Highest-paid job: Senior Director (91,18,180)

Lowest-paid job: Technical Consultant (49,29,962)

SAP America can afford to give its employees good offers. Why not it is indeed a ‘big boss.’


Rank 7: Adobe

Average salary: 60,01,208

Highest-paid job: Senior Computer Scientist ( 78,04,646)

Lowest-paid job: Financial Analyst (36,03,112)

Adobe, the one whose employees made it possible for its users to manage, edit and create pictures as easily as the blink of the eyes, wants its employees to be happy anyway.

Rank 6: Intuit

Average salary: 60,72,215

Highest-paid job: Senior Product Manager ( 73,87,547)

Lowest-paid job: Rotational Development Associate ( 33,58,478)

Though an older company, it makes it happen to appear in the list. And it offers a nicer salary to its employees.


Rank 5: Zunga

Average salary: 60,96,528

Highest-paid job: Studio General Manager ( 87,30,151)

Lowest-paid job: Game Designer ( 42,70,372)

Not so happy place to work for, Zynga, anyway makes you happy with great salary.

Rank 4: Twitter

Average salary: 63,86,827

Highest-paid job: Systems Software Engineer ( 71,37,650)

Lowest-paid job: Product Designer ( 53,90,885)

The social network Twitter makes it happening by giving considerably good offers.

Rank 3: Guidewire

Average salary: 64,48,553

Highest-paid job: Senior Integration Architect ( 72,56,517)

Lowest-paid job: Quality Assurance Engineer ( 52,46,991)

Guidewire, another best corporation to work for, makes its employees happy with its favourable offers.


Rank 2: Yahoo

Average salary: 64,92,311

Highest-paid job: Product Management Director ( 84,68,040)

Lowest-paid job: Account Manager ( 35,29,932)

Yahoo, an American multinational internet corporation, gives good offers for its engineers and comes at the second.


Rank 1: Cisco Systems

Average salary: 67,11,442

Highest-paid job: enior Director ( 1,14,47,003)

Lowest-paid job: Customer Support Engineer ( 38,21,798)

Cisco systems tops them all and pays the best in the industry!

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